Property Insurance

Property Insurance

It is an insurance product that covers loss or damage to the insured property and/or interests such as residences, shops, factories, machines, other equipment and business interruptions which are directly caused by:

  1. Fire; the insured’s lack of care, spread of fire, short circuit, and fire due to explosion.
  2. Lightning ; directly caused by lightning.
  3. Explosion; any sudden release of energy caused by the expansion of gas or steam.
  4. Airplane Crash; physical relationship between what crashed (airplanes and helicopters) and the insured property.
  5. Smoke; resulting from a fire on the insured property.

Property Insurance:

  1. Fire insurance
  2. Business Interruption Insurance
  3. Insurance for Project Construction
  4. Machinery Insurance
  5. Oil & Gas Drilling Rig and Equipment Insurance
  6. Money Insurance

This insurance compensation can be in the form of:

  1. Cash
  2. Bug fixes
  3. Replacement with similar items
  4. Redevelopment