Professional Insurance

Professional Insurance

Professional-Indemnity-Insurance-min1-300x200It is an insurance product that provides legal liability coverage to professionals for negligence, errors, violations in carrying out professional duties and obligations.

Professional insurance provides guarantees for:

  1. Dispute resolution outside of court.
  2. Dispute resolution in court.
  3. Legal and attorney fees in defending the claim.

This insurance also provides coverage for the following claims:

  1. Defamation whether through writing or verbally.
  2. Lost documents.
  3. Violation of unauthorized use of intellectual property rights.
  4. Legal responsibilities arising from the formation of a joint venture.
  5. Legal responsibilities arising from consultants, sub-cons and agents used by clients.
  6. Claims against principals who no longer work at the client company.

Other Types of Professional Insurance:

  • Insurance for Directors & Commissioners in Company Management.
  • Insurance for Paramedical Malpractice.