Insurance Marine

Marine Insurance

Marine-Insurance-min-300x203It is an insurance product that guarantees loss, damage and liability to the ship’s frame, goods and/or interests transported or insured.

Marine insurance includes:

  1. Ship Hull Insuranc
  2. Covers loss or damage to ship frames and engines
  3. caused by marine hazards, fire, explosion, robbery, etc.
  4. Transportation Insurance for Objects or Goods
  5. Guarantees that loss, damage, and responsibility for the goods and/or interests being transported are insured.
  6. Insurance that provides protection to ship owners, operators, or charterers against legal liability to third parties.

Guaranteed risks:

  • Fire or explosion.
  • The ship ran aground, stranded, sank or capsized.
  • Land transportation equipment overturned or derailed.
  • Ship collision or impact of a ship with objects other than water.
  • Unloading goods at emergency ports.
  • Earthquake, tsunami, volcanic eruption or lightning strike.
  • Goods are swept into the sea by the waves.
  • Entry of sea water, lake water or river water into transportation equipment, ships, ship holds, containers, box cars or storage areas outside ships or land transportation equipment.
  • Total loss per col, due to being thrown or falling overboard during the loading or unloading of goods onto or from the ship.