Employment Insurance

Employment Insurance

Personal Accident InsurancePersonnel-Employees-Insurance-min-300x200

Is insurance that provides coverage for death and/or disability as well as care or medical costs caused by accidents that occur anywhere and at any time, while working, at home, traveling, at home or abroad, for anyone, both individuals and group.

Guaranteed risks:

  1. Death, Permanent Disability and Care or Medical Costs Due to Accidents.
  2. Riots and Strikes.
  3. Murder and Persecution.
  4. Is lost.
  5. Riding a motorcycle.

Health Insurance

It is a type of insurance product that specifically covers the health or treatment costs of the insured (workers and company management), if they experience health problems or have an accident.

Compensation Insurance For Workers

It is a type of labor insurance product that provides protection with greater benefits than Jamsostek which can be adjusted to the company’s ability to provide “comfort” to its workforce.