Property and Asset Insurance

It is an insurance product that covers loss or damage to the insured property and/or interests …

Employment Insurance

Is insurance that provides coverage for death and/or disability as well as care or medical costs caused...

Legal Insurance

It is a type of insurance product that provides guarantees or protects the insured from third party lawsuits that may …

Credit Insurance

insurance product that provides coverage to the Creditor (credit giver) for the risk of loss experienced or incurred by the Debtor …

What We Offer?

We provide services in a very broad field of insurance. As Insurance Consultants and Brokers, we provide suggestions and recommendations for risk assessment, placing risks with trusted insurance companies, assisting in settling claims, providing training to improve capabilities and providing risk management consultancy.

Risk Review and Insurance Program Design

Identify risks and arrange insurance protection that suits your business operational needs, assets, machines and all equipment, projects or work contracts with other parties,

Contract Agreement Review

With respect to your contractual obligations on specific projects that are relevant to insurance requirements, we ensure that your contracts are adequately protected by insurance coverage and identify uninsured liabilities.

Claims and Service Management

Providing comprehensive advice on claims issues, assistance and advocacy in the claims settlement process to ensure that all insurance compensation is provided fairly, transparently and in accordance with the requirements of the insurance policy.

 Insurance Training Program

General Insurance Seminar and Training for Management and Staff in the fields of Operations, Law and Finance to better understand the principles of insurance, coverage and compensation to support them in achieving their main target tasks and roles within the company.

Risk Management Program

Working together with our Business Partners, such as Risk Management Consultants, Risk Surveyors, Risks Engineering Consultants, and Loss Adjusters, we provide a Risk Management Training Program that includes risk assessment, asset assessment, risk mapping and other risk management processes to help manage risk Management Activities Your company as a whole.